Saturday, 5 December 2009

Pictures and info for Chapter 14

Chapter 14 is from Nahuel's point of view.

Stephenie Meyer tells us in Breaking Dawn that Nahuel's mother and his aunt, Huilen, were Mapuche people, indigenous people of Chile & Argentina.  Although Nahuel was never actually raised amongst the Mapuche as such, I think that Huilen would have raised him with the foundations of the culture of her people.

You can read more about the Mapuche people at the following places:

Mapuche International Link

Mapuche on Wikipedia

Nahuel's pet-name for Nessie 'Ayun' and the background behind it was taken from this site:

Wolf Lodge

I found it quite ironic, firstly that the site was called 'Wolf Lodge'(!) and secondly that the description sums up to me how I imagine imprinting to be :o).

Here are the pictures that are relevant for this chapter. 

The weaving pattern on the pouch:

Taken from here: Mapuche Weaving Symbols

The piece of jewellery that Nahuel gives to Nessie (known as a sequil):

This picture shows how it would be worn traditionally:

If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments section below :o)